Blog Change Notification

Hello everyone, I just want you to know that as of today this blog will be used mostly for my English School, from now I will post promotional items about my school, news and topics related to Japan for English Learners. I will also be producing my English School’s website around this blog.

In regards to ‘The Rising Son’ I have decided to archive the blog on my computer since I am concerned about privacy. I hope my son will like to read these posts when he is older. I will still be posting personal posts occasionally, but maybe not in such great detail and related more to my professional life.

I hope the posts I produced in the past were a source of entertainment and were of use to you. I just want to let you know before I make such a sudden change to my blog, I feel it would be wrong to change it completely without notice and you would be surprised with the new, business-oriented/news posts. At least this way I can let you know in advance and give you the option to follow/unfollow from this blog. I feel this is the best thing to do.

Many thanks to those who have interacted with me on this blog so far, and I hope I can interact with you again in the future!

kind regards…